Letter to The Bouncing Souls

Dear Bouncing Souls

Yesterday I came to your show at Masters@Rock in Torhout. It was nice seeing you guys again after your two shows at Groezrock earlier this year. I won the entree tickets and decided only to go to see the Souls playing. The show was great, the hits were played, everything you would expect from a Souls show. However I left with an awkward feeling. A feeling that you guys didn’t got the respect and crowd that a band like the Souls deserve.

Programmed maybe to early for a crowd that didn’t appreciate the music you make and the songs you sing, the mess allready started when the ‘MC’ announced you guys as ‘a small band from NJ’, not aware that you are around maybe much much longer than he knows. I also want to sincerely apologize for the drunk ginger that was in the crowd next to my brother and me. He called you guys ‘pussies’ and since we were only there to see the Souls play, so were we. He compared Greg with ‘Raymond van het Groenewoud’, which is more a compliment than an insult in my point of view. Just google the guy, I’m sure you will appreciate his music. I sincerely apologize for the ignorance of this guy!

Luckily some ‘True Believers’ also showed up to make it a party as a party should be. Thanks for being there, thanks for the songs and thanks for the great time.


PS: Oh, and before I forget, sorry about the Maes beer! Just know that we have a lot better here in Belgium 😉

2 antwoorden op “Letter to The Bouncing Souls”

  1. +1 to this.

    I bought 3 tickets just to see the Bouncing Souls. This festival, however, was utter bullshit. Like you, I’m really glad I got to see them, but I was feeling sad at the same time.

    ‘Festivals’ like this should stick to their ways of booking soulless one-hit-wonder bands, it draws out the kind of crowd that show up to a show because they’ve got nothing else to do.

    That’s not the crowd the Souls deserve… Maybe it’s the one they needs?

    Or am I getting too Dark Knight now?

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