Kaweco AL Sport

It’s been over a week since Valentine’s day but this year’s Valentine’s must have been the best ever. I’m kind of a pen geek and wanted to try something new. A blog post on The Pen Addict introduced me to the Kaweco AL Sport and I decided I wanted one. Off course my girlfriend thought that was not a good idea, since I had bought a new Parker pen just a few months back. All said and done, I didn’t order anything and stuck with my Parker pens. And then: Valentine’s day. Your guess is right: the Kaweco AL Sport.

I must admit, I was like a little kid when I opened my gift. I know, Valentine’s day is all about love but this shows my girl really knows me. I’ve been writing with the Kaweco for over a week now and am stunned by the smoothness in it’s writing. The medium nib actually writes really smooth, smoother than anything I have ever written with before. The screwcap on this aluminium pen is a great asset, as it’s just a super pen to keep in your pocket without having the fear of breaking it.

The leather pouch she ordered also, really is the finishing touch in writing in style. I can recommend this pen to everyone that loves the feel of writing with a fountain pen and likes to keep it close.

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  1. Hi Jurgen,
    leuke post.
    Korte vraag: hoe ben je (je vriendin) aan die Kaweco AL Sport geraakt? In Antwerpen is die moeilijk te vinden en de Nederlandse webshop die ik normaal gebruik voor pennen verkoopt net de AL Sport niet …

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